On Location in Portland, Maine 2016    Photo: Shannon Thibodeau

On Location in Portland, Maine 2016    Photo: Shannon Thibodeau

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In today's world - photography and images are often the most important way a brand connects with their clients.

Globally, we are a visual culture.  

I focus on creating images that make an impact, establish an identity, drive results and differentiate your brand. Leveraging the power of photography to inspire is one of my passions.  It has fueled my work with leading brands like Ralph Lauren, L'Oréal, GQ and Nike.

I am based in New York City, and have always been drawn to travel and love to shoot all over the world. I was Bruce Weber's photo assistant  for years - working on many of his iconic shoots.  My experience with photography spans over two decades.  I have developed my own style and ability to create striking narrative images that capture the spirit, emotion and essence of my subjects.

My goal is to create powerful images that charge your marketing.

...and each project for me is a new adventure, where we can all collaborate together to create stunning images!

I am a photographer and an artist: I love the beach, sports, motorcycles, positive mental attitude, and healthy living.  Now let's go SURFING!!

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