Artist of the Month

Kenny in Love  Photo: Lynda Churilla

Kenny in Love Photo: Lynda Churilla

I was psyched to be named Skyframe's "Photographer of the Month" for May.

I feel honored that they called out my work and posted such a fantastic article about my "Waves and Light" portfolio. The ocean, the beach, and water totally captivate me - and one of my passions is photographing around these elements!

Here's an exert from their blog:

Flip through almost any magazine and land on an ad campaign. Chances are it’s the work of NYC based photographer, Lynda Churilla. Take a quick F train to Soho and you can even see her work being turned in to a painted billboard mural for Tory Burch. Her work, however, extends far beyond fragrances and next seasons collections.....
Citrus Surfer   Photo: Lynda Churilla

Citrus Surfer  Photo: Lynda Churilla

Thanks so much for the recognition and call out Skyframe!




Calvin Wood